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The coming new trend will bring a storm to the stationery enterprise

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-27

In recent years,the competiton of the stationery industry also in changing.With the improvement of the external enviromet ,the increase of the enterprise development experience and the improving quality.Low stationery manufacturer begin to pay attention to the quality and enterprise culture, And the cooperations and communication between enterprises is getting more and more.The experiences also make the deep development of stationery brand.From the phenomenon of segment,the new trend of the industry has been highlight.

High-end industry

It is not easy to face the fierce competition stationery market,But under let and the related support from leading enterprise,the industrial concentration will be deeper and deeper.Professionalization,scale and moderm may be the unique competitiveness and influence.

Develop low carbon

In the past ten years,stationery product has driven to the low carbon and clean by the internationala low carbon policy,Now,there are many enterprise production in the environmental protection and green.to foremed a distinct environmental protection development way.

Enterprise scale

There is quite beneficial for China stationery enterprise in the international environment.To stengthen the internation market and combination with the market,and it is the rare opportunity to improve the level of enterprise internationalization management.There is pay more attention to make the consumption to driven economy in intenational and speed up the urban and rural integration.It is positive role for the enterprise whit plan and strong capital,to expand production.

Cooperation development

Resource sharing, information communication and division of labor will close the deep develop and expand between industry.In order to help the stationery exproting,most of government agencies are  initiative contact the enterprise,provide the relation training for the exporting company,issure the latest export change information of the world.It is greatly facilitated the healthy developmeng of China stationery export trade.

The samll scale and family-based operation stationery enterprise has under the impacto of the social development and forcing them to change the enterprise management.To form the statndard combination of the company structure with centralization and decentralization.In the next ten years,the coming new trend will bring a storm for the stationry company.And make the stationery lead on the light industial and gain more honours.

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