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2012 Frankfurt Middle East (Dubai) stationery, office supplies exhibition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-10

Show Time: 6-8 March 2012
Add: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Organizing Committee: Germany Frankfurt (Dubai) Exhibition
Show cycle: One year term


Exhibition range:

Office supplies: office equipment, demo products, incorporating supplies, mailing / paste / stamping equipment, office accessories, writing / drawing tools, integrated product
 ● school supplies: writing instruments, drawing materials, exercise books, folders, school bags, stationery
 ● Stationery Gifts: yearbook, diaries, writing paper, envelopes / creative gift stationery, plush toys, fashion, gifts, authorize gifts, toys, books
 ● packaging: gift bags, ribbons / bows, cardboard products
 ● greeting cards / calendars: card, authorization / designer products, art / cartoons / photographs and other pictures calendar
 ● paper products:
* Office categories: inkjet paper, laser paper, copy paper, writing paper, transparent paper, envelopes, packaging materials, book binding material
 * Housewares: napkins, decorative cellophane


Dubai stationery, office supplies exhibition, stationery professional field as the most influential international exhibitions, Paperworld has worked in Frankfurt, Germany, held in Shanghai and Moscow. 2011, entered the Middle East, Dubai to become an important step in the brand strategy. In Paperworld office stationery you can have a comprehensive understanding of the industry, to grasp the development trend of the future is to develop a good display of their business and trading platform.


2011, Paperword officially arrived in Dubai. The first exhibition in the same hall with Playworld, a total of 203 exhibitors, 6,246 visitors were mainly office supplies industry, distributors, wholesalers, importers and exporters, manufacturers, retailers, service providers, government, media and related institutions people. The main purpose of audience participation to meet new partners, to prepare for the purchase decisions, understanding of product information, status and trends of development of the industry, exchange of experience and existing partners as well as negotiating and so on.

Dubai stationery, office supplies, will be held in March each year and Playworld (toys) held in conjunction with work in the Middle East to create a stationery, office supplies, toys, baby products, the annual event.




Crisis in the global economic recession, the Middle East to maintain a high economic growth. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Company expects its 2009 regional economy is expected to grow 2% GDP growth in 2011 will reach 4.5%. Also, according to Messe Frankfurt (Dubai) conducted a market survey company, Gulf of paper products and office stationery market worth about $ 700 million.

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