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Let's see the "before and after"appearance of correction tape

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-03


          Correction tape is one of common students stationery,if your writing is wrong,take a correction tape to have a wipe,then the fault content will be covered by a layer of white film,it is very convenient.So that it becomes the necessary student stationery for the students.So, do you know how the correction tape come out?



          In fact, the common correction fluid we can see in the stationery market is the predecessor of correction tape, before the invention of the modified products,once there was an error on the office file then it will have to void rewritten, thus increasing the office cost, so the correction fluid arises at the historic moment.Correction fluid, however, although it is convenient, but the liquid dosage is difficult to control, then spring correction fluid was invented, largely control the usage and provide convenient use way.But there is a problem, that is when we use the correction fluid ,then we should wait until the liquids was dry, and it is easy to be stained with correction fluid on our hands.In order to fit in and solve the problem,the correction tape is invented at this time.


          Today, there are all kinds of correction tape on the market:refillable correction tape, non-refillable correction tape, yellow belt correction tape and so on!Not only to develop in the product category,but also to have innovation in product modeling,such as camera correction tape, kitchen knife correction tape, the racket correction tape, etc.The species of correction tape is increasing, and also the product performance.


           Actually, no matter the correction tape, correction fluid, or other stationery products, they are invented and produced due to the demands of consumers.Once there is demand ,then it will promote the research and development, the competition of the stationery manufacturers.So stationery suppliers should meet the demand of stationery market, timely change, make innovation, so that they can take his place in the stationery market.


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