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Student stationery enterprises should beware of the low end market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-21

At persent,the soaring prices make the student stationery industry ready to do something in marketing price.Based on the such situation,the stationery manufacturer have to turned the middle market to the low-end market then seek the developing opportunities.

There are two characteristics in the China student stationery market:one is the rise material make the rising price but less quantity;and the other one is there are the saturated market demand,and the second and third line market be the  popular talk.

However, it also push the low-end market such as the cheap copy mobile phone in the second and third line city.That is why there are so many cheap copy in the recent market and bring the threat to the brand management.At the same time,the student industry also can't get clear of the "low spell".

As we knows that the the low prices is the bigest advantage of the low-end product.So that the low-end products are easy to open the low market and welcomed by the customer.It can help the enterprise to return money in the initial stage.It can say that there is the risks and opportunities in the  future market.With the development of the enterprise,the low-end market may become a trap for the people who sinking.

The brand stationery enterprise began to raise the price since all kinds of raw meterials costs.After a period of raise prices.Stationery distributor also can't get the expected profit.There is the very drastic competition in the stationery market.One is the rising price without any profit;on the othe one,as the disorder competition in stationery market,to increase the stationery price may cause the great bad influence.

Parity stationery does not mean that the low brand positioning or the low quality of product.Facing the such future of the second or third city,it mean the the stationery brand need to adjust the marketing strategy,to communicate with the second or third city.Let the consumer use the good quality and reasonable price stationery products.

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