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Stationery enterprise need to grasp concepts and Technologies if value brand creativity


“Innovation” as the big selling point for all the stationery enterprise, not matter if it is  famous and big or not in the market. In fact, “Innovation” is the most important factor for the enterprise’s development, and the power for the enterprise’s long development. Especially, after some enterprises who got much benefit from “Innovation”, more and more Stationery enterprise focus on innovation .

Although there’re many different kinds of stationery products in the market,  the environment protecting, the multifunctional and etc.. But none of them really enhance the technical content in fact. The reason is that the Stationery industry  belongs to the low-end manufacturing, which face to challenge of the low entry barrier industry, Brand distracting, Less number of independent intellectual property rights and low level competition.


Furthermore, not all the common enterprise can bear the expensive expensesbecauseenterprise’s technology innovationneeds vast amountof money, manpower and material resources. Technology innovation has it’s own Product Cycle Procedure. It doesn’t means that it can produce products as soon as the research center is set up . Under such reasons, there’re many enterprises advertise “technology innovation”, but only improve the materials & function.

Just  few enterprises can improve the technology innovation. Many small and medium-sized enterprises always copy and simulate the new product made by big brands.

“Innovation” is the problem for china Stationery manufacturing. How to get out of the troubles has been the important  mission which for the small and middle size enterprise to resolve the restraint factors such as talents,marketing concept and capital .In fact ,china stationery industry has got a very nice transcript.

Guangdong Lepusheng Stationery Co. Ltd.suggest the enterprise shall pay more attention on innovation and R&D,focus on technological content of products and increase product function. Secondly ,to to improve the stationery’s multi-value, and provide stationery’s multi-value, and the value-added services for the consumers by technological innovation .Finally,to expand the stationery timber to make sure the sustainable development by technological innovation .


Good quality and pratical function is the most important for the consumers.

Maybe some consumeers who ask for  higher standard require more beautiful products .Some stationery enterprises advertised ”enjoy high quality life ” as a slogan , to provide the publics a better view of the stationery culture, increase product’s brand value and make the difference and the individuation.This marketing mode is accepted by the publics. It doesn’t means that you had to make something really contains high technology .

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