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Stationery products: combination of "art" and "science"

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-31

With the development of the stationery industry,nowadays,the stationery not only has the different and novel moderlling,but also appear the pursuit of the high standard life in the product use,environmental protection and the funtion.Why said that stationery products is combination of the "art" and "science"?Lepusheng stationery will showing you the answer as follows:

Visit the stationery store or search in the online stationery shop,it is easy to fine there are many creative stationery with novel and individual.Pills ball point pen,the pen look like vegetables or the IPhone shape correction tape…….Lots of stationery product look like a nice crafts.

There is the broad market in the China stationery.But it is only the brand stationery with the high quality and novel design can get more added value.In recent years,various kinds of creative stationery and student stationery become a new tendency.The current creative stationery not only a novel stationery,but also fine in the workmanship and look like a pretty crafts.They are wlcomed by office worker as well as student.And it even bring the other market beteew the office business as a gifts.

Four treasures of the study has gone mainstream since the Internet has risen in popularity.But the people can't leave some stationery in work such as pen.Pen is an indispensable items for the artistic.And it become more and more consummate through the such successful people.The precious raw materials and the famous design with the history and commemorative value.All of them bring the collection value for the pen.

If the stationery "art" is the vale of crafts.Then its "science" is means that multi-function and high tech.

The traditional paper bookmark is easy drop.Now, it is easy to solve the proble trough to adopt the magnet as the main meterial and use the principle of absorption between magnet poles.A piece of cartridge can use for a yers,it is save the pencil sharpener and the timber,is it more environmental protection?Nowadays,there is a metal pen refill  made of tin,copper and graphite with the clear writing.And it also can use in any differenet kinds of pen such as plastic pen,woooden pen, paper pen or other kinds of pen. Is there a lot of design space?

These creative and multi-function stationery is not only fine in shape design,but also improve in its effectiveness.It is huge boost for stationery industry.

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