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Broad market in studnet stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-21

    "Money of women and children is the most easy to earn", this is a famous saying of the jews. Even so, in recent years, there is the  rapid development of Chinese students stationery industry.

    According to statistics, with the improvement of people's living standard and the peoper who was borned  after 1980 or 1990 are become the mainstay of consumption.And the stationery industry has began into the golden period of development.There are some stationery expert points out that stationery industry has became one of China rising-sun industries.

    Although there is the rapid development in various kinds of market, there are much of problems such as unbalanced regional consumption, homogeneous product concentration,competition market and so on.

    Insiders siad that the population decline of children will continue, but with the influence of per capita and the increase of income.There are the borad market in the stationery.By the way, most of stationery suppliers are small and scattered, and there is not the leading brand in the stationery market.

    Affected by the enviroment, a lot of foreign trade enterprise is hard to earn money in this years.Especially, for the stationery export.It will be difficult in the year of 2014.Under such situation, stationery leader should to plan ahead.To make the right choices, especially attaches great importance to the channel.Ten years ageo,most of office suppliers were faced such situation,to rely on the provincial agent.It is with the low efficiency but be used by a lot of stationery manufactureres.

    At the same time, many stationery factories are lack of understanding of laws and regulations.Lepusheng stationery suggest stationery enterprises shoudl do well in the stationery quality,packing and the mark of goods.

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