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Pure and Fresh Correction Tape of Lepusheng Stationery For Boys And Girls

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-26


       In view of the student market, now more and more stationery manufacturers take the blend of many consumers' preferences in production .In recent years, the personalized stationery,Japan and South Korea stationery  can be seen, as we can see, students are the main consumer groups , so the designs of a lot of stationery products  are full of youth.Lepusheng stationery also have many correction tapes with small , pure and fresh topic, here we come together to see these high quality ,fashion and full of youthful vitality of the tape.




       Lepusheng  90018  love season fun stationery tape in litres of 12 m , green features and  worthy of the name , the  style of aesthetic, romantic is the hot topic for boys and girls!This color is pure and fresh , and is the deep love of students.Depict the youth enthusiasm of infinite life.The design is also very fancy in card board, and cooperate  pure and fresh color, can attract the eyes of the boys and girls in the first time. 



       Lepusheng 9722 dolls of South Korea stationery style  in12 m ,  South Korea stationery style and  doll shapes of  correction tape are very cute, color are bright , beautiful and  attractive.Economical belt core of 12 m in length, great covering , are the best choice for procurement of school supplies .



      Lepusheng 9981 little massagist bear of creative students stationery in12 m , bright beautiful colour and coupled with the modelling of unique taste, delicate goods deduce a refined life,it shows the  temperament of high-end grade of Lepusheng Stationery.Innovative fixed + massage function, make you enjoy the pleasure of massage at any time in learning and work !




       Lepusheng 9684 drift bottle correction tape in 12 m , is one of the drift bottle series stationery products, and come  with pure and fresh style ;Gentle and careful design take our mood, give light far away.Classical modelling with 12 m long core, will be your good helper in learning.

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