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Stationery market sales appears changeing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-22

According to statistics for the Chinese commercial information center,The retail sales of mainly large retail supermarkets and stationery stores are growth of 11.2%,higher than previous year by 3.6%.And the whole retail sales of different stationery are growth of 10.2%,higher than previous years by 2.9%.The price of  brand stationery is rising rapidly ,it make the stationery retail sales keep rising.


Brand become a comsumption index


In 2010,the upgrading trend of Chinese stationery consumption is easy to see.It is mainly display in the customer pay more attention to the high-end stationery and this dimand appeared rapid growth trend.In 2010,the retail sales value will rising rapidly in the first-tier cities.On one hand, it is a impotant reason that to impove the consumption after the financial crisis.On the other hand,the  higher deman also caused the high-end products sell in the big city,such as Beijing,Shanhai,Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

E-commerce become an important sales model


Along with development in recent years.E-commerce is meet more and more consumer demand and also encourages the consumption.The E-commerce is expanding and it has become a import model of  staionery markrt.There are more and more different stationery model and different kind of office supplies saled online.And the market is pretty competitive.


Stationery's price will be rise


In 2011,stationery product facing a pressure about rising price.Firstly,as the rising stationery raw meterial and the lack of labor, increasing of labor cost.Secondly,the raises considerably with labor cost also caused the growing price of stationery.And the rising cost of channels such as retail expenses is the third  reason.


Custom stationery will be popular


There is easy to meet the demand of stationery supply.But with the increase demand of enterprise culture and VI of each enterprises,printed logo and the special stationery being require.Custom product can meet the personal require so that being more and more pupolar.


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