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Development strategy analysis for stationery consumption market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-12

China is a big stationery exporting country.Accoring to the data from the national ministry of statistics show that there is about 18.536 billion yuan of industrial output value for small and medium size enterprises.It is increased 24.85% than last years.China is also a large stationery consumption country.The rising capita income is the biggest support power for stationery market.There is the  rapid development of Chinese in office stationery.

After the baptism of the financial crisis, China stationery industry has been greatly improved.It has been to the scale and the brand model; with the improving of China residents purchasing potential.There are more and more stationery enterpriese turn into domestic stationery market.
In recent years, the cost of stationery factory have displayed on two following parts: on the one hand,the problems of shortage laborl; on the other hand,rising rent, transportation are increased the cost of stationery manufacturers.At the same time,the rising price of gas, water and other resource also increased the cost.All of them made the stationery manufacturers have been trouble in stationery processing.
In order to alleviate the pressure of the rising costs, stationery brand began to improve the price of stationery products.
There are some stationery enterprises have used the franchisee model with, it is also determines the such enterprises must have a strong research and development, design and the management.
In addition, stationery enterprises are in the construction of marketing channel, it is necessary for large stationery enterprises.
However,too quickly channel construction also will cause the tight capital.So that the stationery brander should to improve the management of franchisee.
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