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How to do well in product positioning of students stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-11


          It is necessary to have a reasonable price in the process of sales for stationery manufacturers.If the price is not high, on the one hand, consumers will doubt your product's quality, and give them a impression of small brands with low price,so that it is not conducive to brand building;On the other hand, the low price can let consumers underestimated the value of goods so that companies can not earn the deserved profits. Selling in a low price is one of sales promotion activities of stationery products, while low-priced sales of stationery is not only a marketing tool but also an invisible trap.So how to price the goods, to ensure that earn enough profit, and enhance the brand image?



         One, the value orientation


         According to the value that we can  create for the customers and how much do the  customer think of this goods.Rather than traditional commonly used of  deducting cost then plus the profit or completely reference competitor pricing method, pricing of the former method can not only make you earn more money and customers are more willing to accept.If the brand is taking a high-end course, only think of the cost pricing is wrong.Especially as later stationery manufacturer add more creative, fashionable element into stationey products,so that the cost will increase, and also the value.For office white-collar workers, sometimes use a stationery brand also can foil the purpose of the delicate office.


        In office stationery market, parker pen made such a mistakes, they never realize the value of their brand  and sold their products in low price.With its excellent quality, firmly stand in the high-end grade in the market , and finally saw the low-end market is very popular with the crowd, so they launched a low-end parker pen which cost seven times lower than the price of high-end parker pen.For they are not familiar with low-end market, so the market operation is not ideal, and because of the improper price behavior ,they themselves damage the high-end brand image, so that the high-end consumers stop buying parker pen, and the market share has lost nearly seventy percent.Therefore,it is the key to recognize the value of their products before pricing .


         Two, the strategic role


         Some enterprises make their commodity in high price, with differences in medium and low-end market, to produce a sense of value and scarcity, or sales at a low price to compete for market share.This depends on the enterprise sales strategy.And in order not to lose customers, companies have adopted the differential pricing strategy, including  three kinds of price strategy in high, medium and low.Or a deputy brand,and avoid  the conflict between them.Which let consumers have a choice to buy new products.Price is an important marketing tools in marketing strategy ,it is a good marketing tool if it is used effectively.


         Three, draw a line


         Sales promotion which is adjusting the product price must be divided into clear boundaries, don't let the noise of fuzzy price affects the other products, as it is said about the parker pen case.It is the same as inproving the price, we should distinguish clearly, don't give a impression that your product is going up in price, or they adre very expensive.For example ,a lower part of the hotel, in order to obtain higher profits, they launched a few food in high prices, because they never have a obvious distinguishing, they mixed them with other food, so that the customer will think that the food is very expensive.Price will not only hurt stationery sales on the overall image, and once the price is falling than it is hard to get a return.And it is easy to make consumers less like the brand when improving the prices, and even have serious phenomenon of refuse to buy.


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