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Stationery manufacturing should promote the brand strategy

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-14

Although there are thousands of statioenry manufacturers in China.But most of them are the small and medium-sized with the small shipments.They has single and low-end products,however,the low-end products are not to meet the demand of terminal market.That's why mostly enterprise hard to expand bussiness.

China stationery market getting more and more fierce in competition.And the malignant price war become the main competition between enterprises.Facing the more and more homogeneity products,there are appear the randomness choice for consumers.So that the price war will harm the profit between enterprise and coul't expansion of market share.

So,how to take this market and do well for China statioenry enterprises?

In fact, China stationery enterprise should be suit to the high standards like European and American.To realize the product upgrades,prpduce the high quality products.It means that we should make the innovation in R&D for terminal market.And do well in own brand.

In fact, there are also many small enterprise in Taiwan.But they are leading in the stationery manufacturing.The Taiwan expert thinks that stationery is the low-end industry,but it can be do well in environmental protection and quality.The most proint is that,the stationery factoies in Taiwan are attaches great importance to technology ,brand and the stationery quality.

So,for most of small enterprises,they face a real problem:there is not enough money and lacking the power to do well in the technology research and development.Technology innovation is the key problems  in developing stationery enterprises.So that technological innovation shoule be use in the research and development and design.In the weak links such as proudcts research and development,model design and so on.Besides to enhance the inderpendent innovation idea,to improve the technology innovation and new product development should be attentioned.

Brand is the symbol of enterprise.It also the key of the corporate culture and competitiveness.  Therefore, improve the brand awareness and the the implement brand strategy is urgent needs.Fristly,enterprise should make the re-engineering of the domestic market,do the research according to the market demand or produce the suitable products;Secondly,improve the proucts quality and increase value-added.Than to do the own brand rely on the the advanced technology in OEM production.Thirdly,compele the channel of communication,promote the depth cooperation between industrial and commercail.Expand the flagship stores and boutiques.To establish the online platform and the cooperation advantages.Then to promote the brand strategy for China offie suppliers.

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