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Stationery manufacturer need a experienced eye in complicated market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-15

As we known,there is not lack of oppoutunities but someone to find.Stationery manufacturer should to turn the disadvantage into advantage not matter wind or against the wind.To find the interest points and face with.

Now,stationery supplies are in two extreme,some stationery enterprise complain that the poor market,unstable dealer,less traffic in market and some stationery suppliers there is the borad market in the stationery manufacutrer,many white space awaiting development so that they worry about whether they can catch up the sales.

Optimistic stationery businessmen think the trend of the current economic environment is good, and there are some uncertainty market in some local but it is not the whole of industry.
Stationery companies would like to find out the bright spot,to find out the high-end consumer groups in market.Different from some mid-range stationery products.The high-end stationery supplies including the service concept,consumer consumption idea and so on.Those are the value of stationery brand.

It is necessary to give up the price competition and value compeition if stationery industry want the orderly and sustainable development.It is mean that to establish brand need the keep the improvment of the production technology, product quality and after-sales service.To do the innovation in the stationery design and improvie the its function and new vlaue of products.

At the same time, use the brand strategy and to do the standard positioning to the stionery style and the strictly control of the price.It also need a long-term planning of brand strategy.

In general,there is the good competition development in the market.It also the direction of industry.Only to keep the good quality stationery,service,development that to win the real value and real interests.

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