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The innovative marketing of fashionable stationery looks easy but hard to do

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-25

The market competition intensifies,forcing the stationery enterprise do lots of marketing.From the conventiona wholesale or agents sales channels to the dealer marketing channels,such as exhibition marketing,group purchase marketing,brand marketing and the holiday promotion,bundle sales,endorsement marketing.All these marketing modes are showing stationery enterprise was do their best effort then expand the market.


Innovation is an important link to do well the fashionable stationery marketing,It is looks easy but hard to do well for the innovative marketing.Consumers are getting more and more picky.Different require make divisions in market.The increasing brand bring more choice scope to consumers.And the  constantly capacity pressure made the marketing become more and more difficult. Homogeneity of products caused different quality class in them.The enterprise want to take off this situation,should to pay more marketing cost.All of them are challenges for the stationery production company.How to make own product to the first choice of consumers.The stationery enterprise should to improve the marketing modes and meet the mraket demand.


First of all,It is certain that to innovate the marketing modes,but it must respect the consumer.The consumer should be regarded as beneficiary.To give more sinceres efforts instead of hype.


Secondly,marketing innovation should integrate various sources then to make maximization of valuable sources.For example,to make win to win cooperation with other enterprise,industry,organization and so on.The majoy of this is to give a guarantee for the consumers.To improve the stationery quality and service quality.That is why the cartoon stationery which be authorized was sell-well in market.


Thirdly,It neends to create a new demand for the marketing innovation.One of them is to create a new product.It is the most effective way to make a new demand of products.The second way is to make a new modes to attractive the eyes.To improved marketing effectiveness as the brand then increase the consumer's purchasing desire.Such as public service ads and take part in a publis activities.


In a word,facing the rapid diversity and internationalization of competition market.stationery enterprisese need to pay more attention to the innovative marketing.In 2012,marketing still the main key for the enterprise,and the innovative marketing also the constant pursuit for the stationery manufacturer.


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