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Stationery enterprise changing with the unstable exporting market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-04

Because affected by the appreciation of the RMB and the rise operating costs.There are not good in the stationery industry.Although most of stationery manufacturer were do the promotion,the final effect is bad.Under the such competitive pressure,how does the stationery enterprise to save the stationery market by themselves?

Dut to the broad potential market,a lot of enterprises which in othere line also expanded the stationery project.It made the competition become more intense in stationery market.And the recent global financial crisis made the stationery enterprises facing a new challenges, especially for export-oriented stationery manufacturers,they facing a problem to make the marketing transformation.

Most of stationery enterprise are special in exporting stationery.With the decling of the foreigh order,the sales of stationery also reduced.Therefore,many stationery enterpirse might recession or close if without any solution.So that the stationery manufacturer should actively adjust the marketing idea and make the domestic sales as main sales instead of export.It will reduce the influence degree of the decling export market.

With huge market demand in the stationery industry, most of exporting stationery factories will turn to sales in the domestic market then to improve the overall sales and reduce the influence from the less export order.

So the stationery enterprise,especially the export stationery sales needs to carefully review the market and actively reduce the damage and keep steady in the marekt.

Due to stabilize the dealers and gain more order,the domestic office supplies has changed the past sales model, to develop the dealers and theri market.Besides to improve the innovation,R&D and the quality sales service.It also needs to support the brand promotion to the dealers.So that ensure the stability of stationery dealers.

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