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Lepusheng share three special points for stationery shopkeeper

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-05

In the children's market, stationery is the hot spots.Stationery sales,cartoon stationery,onlien stationery,even the educational stationery are always be cmore attention.Under the such circumstances,many stationery shop are grow rapidly in everywhere.Stationery shop as the terminal diplay of stationery manufacturers.It is becoming one of trand of market.

It is easy to find that there are different enterprise and different brand shop always in the similar ways in the decorate style and management.So,at that point,how to improve the stationery sales,it is needs the greater breakthroughs and methods.

For enterprises, stationery shop are the window of image and sales door.And it is same for dealers.But dealers always be more attention the the sales.To improve the sales is neccessary to do well in the marketing.Differentiation is the main point of the marketing.But the terminal market has been homogenized.So how to do the different in the manage then to improve the eyes of customers.
How to manage the special stationery shop?Lepusheng stationery (www.lepusheng.com) will share with you the following point for your reference:

1.To show the company manufacturers style and avoid middlemen style

To the consumer psychology, they always prefer to buy by manafacturer.They think that it is more cheap and fine.To cater to the consumer psychological,the shop decoration should show more elements about stationey manufacturers instead of middle dealers.

2.To build the relatetive atmosphere about production

In order to improve the authenticity, the shopkeeper should strengthen the characteristics of production process.Pull more brand advertisement on the wall or rolling play the propaganda of stationery products.Then the consumers would see and feel and get more information about the stationfery brands.Then to improve the  barnd awareness.

3.Only alliance can growing greater

There is the "Anime world" in the current student's mind.They are the fans of Transformers,or the fans of The Doraemon,or one piece fan.Combined with the students intersts and follow the popular.Then to expand the common consumers.

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