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Changing relationship between stationery manufacturers and stationery dealers

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-11


The cooperation between stationery manufacturer and the stationery factory was based on products and the profits from stationery.There is the simple cooperation.Stationery manufacturer is pay more attention to the sales ability of dealer and the dealer need the products,brand and the marketing invetment of stationery factories.The work of stationery manufacturer and stationery dealers is sales out the stationery.Their cooperation always between the profit distribution.
But, with the change of the stationery market,the market economy is coming. Amount of stationery enterprise was saturated.At the same time, the homgenetity is more and more serious in stationery products.Consumer also pay attention to the subdivision of brand including the convenience and service factor.It is cause the  declining consumer loyalty of a brand.
There is the changing between stationery factory and stationery dealer,first of all, the fight for excellent distributors.It is limited in stationery distributors.So the excelletn distributors is become the important resources of stationery manufacturer in current development.
Because there are so many fight for excellent distributors.The manufacturers are competition with each other.At the same time,dealers also pay attention to the policy of each manufacturer,and even bagan to choose the best policy to make the stationery manufacturers improve the investment .It is increase the cost of manufacturers.The increasing cost will cause the higher an higher management cost.
In the stationery industry, there is the higher and higher match standard in dealers for stationery manufacturers.It is no only the sales and scales of the dealers,but also attention to the development of dealers.Including the planning and deployment,management,the  consciousness and ability of development and so on.
Manfacturers is need some suitable dealers.Of course,stationery manufacturers will make adjust according to the market environment and the development plan.
All in all, the cooperation of stationery manufacturers and stationery dealers is changing,so,why does not the businessmen to change?
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