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Copying is the biggest stumbling block for the stationery development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-17

In stationery industry, It’s easy to look out a strange phenomenon that there will be stand-in to replace the new product which is whatever how neoteric it is.In reality, it’s being vital common to see mutual imitation among manufacturers, resulting in severe homogenization in the office product market.

There are the long history for the conying behavior and homogenization in the stationery industry.The early brand copying is to copy a similar name or almost.To confusing the public eyes.Then began to copyed the products design and style.Produced the goods as well as the other manufacturers.And now they copying the culture,marketing mode,management and so on.

For a long time,it will make the whole indsutry result in the vicious competition,cause the price war and reduce the profit room for the statinoery manufactring enterprise,And bad for the overall development level and the core competitiveness.Just get the first production "aura" and complacency.There are majority of present stationery manufacturers are the small and medium enterprises in stationery indsutry.The weak innovation has created the copying environment.

Taking a comprehensive view of stationery industry development.Almost of all enterprises had copy experience.Nowadays,with the new changing and market increasingly fierce in the market.The porfit room has gradually squeezed  and the  living environment is being constantly challenge.Stationery design facing the multiple challenges in innovation, transformation and upgrading.A enterprise must be in the innovation for developing.However,it also will cause the copy from other manufacturers.There's a thin line between copying and innovation,but decid the furture.

There ae the copying follows the excellent enterprise or product like shadow.It just like the Jobs' apple,it created the myth of product innovation and become idea of imitating  in whole industry.Some people said that if there are someone copyed your products,it just proves that your products are in the good quality.They do the pomotion for your proudcts.

We can't erase the copying ever take the brilliant to the stationery industry.But now,do they continue the copying or do well in innvation? The copier make the innovators lazy to go on to innovating.It made the stationery production in to a strange circulate.Lacking innovation elemets product,similar design,the enterprise how to lead in stationery industry?

Don't be infatuated with the consciousn of copying is the sprout of innvation.Keeping the cosciousness of innvation is the necessary quality for the stationery brand growth.Facing the popular in copying market,don't be discouraged or destruction.The innovatior still the innovators no matter what does coried.Don't give up to innovating or afraid of innovation.To improve the product's competitioness basisi on the copying will also help for to improve the enterprise's competitioness.

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