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The effect of advertisement for stationery gift

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-12


           When sales stationery, gift marketing is a very common kind of promotion in the process.While many personnel in marketing department are not active in ordering gift, they put the gifts as a dispensable things,and believe that there has been big TV advertising and outdoor advertising, so there is no need to do a project about gift.Actually this kind of idea is wrong, the idea is not only waste the company's budget, also cannot play their effects.



           Gift as one of the means of marketing and brand building, is a good way to spread the brand recognition degree for the enterprise.Good gift marketing often can achieve a result.A good gift can carry a lot of information, it can play a great role in enterprise brand and market promotion.Here are the four specific functions of the gift:


           One, publicity of advertisement


           Promotion of cultural goods is the same as other promotional products, gifts also has a practical price,the audience who got the gift are generally the consumption object of the marketing theme,they can not only gain the surprise but also can use them everyday because they are the practical and recreational products,do you think this is a useful advertising?Studies have shown that watching more than 9 times advertising will have impression, according to the nature of the gift,the times they see the advertisements must more than nine,  the long-term value of the small gifts will give you far more than you think.At the same time, people around the consumers are likely to use, it also produces the spreading function of advertising.


           Two, the visualization of advertising


           The practical present can increase the knowlege of stationery brand for consumers.For example make the gift as the cartoon figure that show the information of the brand, or printing the logo on the gift, both of the obove can largely improve awareness of the consumers about our brand.If we do well in this way,it can give us some unexpected effects,so gift is a very good platform to creative our brand .


           Three,long life advertising


           How long is the life of the gift meas the lifetime of the advertisement of the stationery company,compare with the  television advertising with short life time and expensive price, gifts can be said to be the effective advertising which is"economic and material benefit" .


           Four, cost-effective advertising


           As the "economical" advertising, cost-effective is self-evident.Gifts as the carrier of brand promotion  is very wide on the choice of specific products.Normally it is more appropriate to choice of some of the relatively low price products as a gift according to the product and brand positioning.Because the single price of the gift is relatively low,so at the cost of the fixed budget circumstances,we can produce a lot of number of gifts, then cause the wide popularization rate, the advertising effect will be better.Relatively the cost of the TV or other outdoor media, the cost of the gift is very low.


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