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Stationery new philosophy:brand extensification,marketing execution regionalization

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-01

At present, There isn't a leading brand in Chian stationery industry.But comprehensive evaluation in the design,service an reputation,there are some enterprises take its place in the front ranks of stationery brand.

In recent years, especially from 2007 to 2009.The stationery manufacturing has goes through much trouble.And many enterprises have begun to launch the business philogophy of "brand extensification and marketing execution regionalization".There are some representative brands has been made the branding operation in domestic market.Then the  market influence and sales were increased obviously.

Roughly browse the stationery brand sales list of the major cities in China.It is easy to find that the domestic well-known stationery brand are in the front of list.The stationery enterprise can to enjoy the leading brand in the stationery market in the different region as well as keep in the widely known.And it needs to improve the competitiveness if want to stronger and big.From the current situation we can found that because affected by the price and idea,the competitiveness of the brand stationery are more appeared in the detail.The refining market couldn't dominated by a few big brands. There are many brand has covered most of the top city or provincial,and now to expanding the secondary and tertiary.

To expanding the brand,and make the operation on the regionalization.China is humongous and different regional market has the different.Unde the such situation,It is gradually receding in the one type marketing.And the regional marketing has become the mainsteam of the market.Stationery enterprise can make the rapid reaction as the  actual situation.To strengthen the management and dealers as the local market.

From the above we can found that the stationery brand wants to expand the brand knowness  in domestic market and regional market,it only to make the promotion in the country and make the local  resources and market areas as its advantages.And develop the regional marketing as the most important  marketing target.To launch the business philosophy of brand extensification,marketing execution regionalization and becoming a truly stationery brand.

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