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Need to do market research before launch new stationery to market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-30

The fashion age make more and more stationery consumers pay great attention to the novel and fun stationery products.So that  the new proudct always has the high profile.But high-profile don't means the hot in sales.Why do some products were snapping up once appear?And some of them are not get any attention from consumers.Because it is including the market reasearch and the marketing planning before produce new product.Generally speaking,there is a few following market research:

To know the market and customers

There are some professional personnel to do the research in market and customers for stationery brand.To ensure that the new products can meet the customer's requirement in design or color.The most important is to meed the customer demand of stationery products.To observe competitors is one of cann't be ignored in the market research.Because they products have been welcomed by the market and made the certain suuccessful in sales market.So it is needs to know who is our competitior before we knwo the market and customer.Than to analyse their proucts series,style,model,price and the advantages and disadvantages.To guess what is welcame by the customes and reosition of the products.

Product planning

The nature of product planning is to choose the product,it also the sales range of prodcuts.It is important to extablish a reasonable set of product planning.Including the style,category,quantity and the price system for brand.The professional stationery brand always pay great attention to the prouct's planning.The planning of stationery brand including the breadth and width.The product planning should to meet the demand of the customers and the marketing operation in the changing market.

The selling point of product

From the professional perspective,there are three ways to influence the customers on the stationery selling point.It is includs the functional,fashionable and the added value.Functional,it is to meet the customers' demand of product.Such as the correction prodcut to cover the mistake in paper and the file folder can fixed the paper.Because most of customers are follow the popular,the stationery manufacturers can leading customers in the fashionable packing.And the added value can be realized in the unique material,fine workmanship and other of products itself.

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