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Lepusheng correction tape NO.T - 90004 with ultrathin membrane

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-08


          As the change of the era, the demand of consumer is also gradually changing.In addition to the more and more beautiful appearance of the stationery products ,the good use of the product is also a part that consumer concern about.In order to meet the needs of the consumers, lepusheng has done lots of  innovations breakthrough on the traditional correction tools.Now lepusheng will recommend a small pure and fresh style correction tape in flat mouth to you, the PET belt core will make you comfortable when using it , the four colors means the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter that will give you different feelings:



           The theme of spring with green lake,see the fresh green color ,it means initiation of everything, very energetic.The design of flat mouth allows you to experience the difference between the traditional correction tape. And make it more smooth.The bright color will ornament your table, there is no need a plants ,only put it on your desk is enough !



            The bright blue is representative of the summer,of course the beautiful color is more popular.Different from the traditional warm color, cool color can give you a little cool in the summer.There is a PET core of ultrathin membran that make you use more smooth,and from outside to inside,it is always delicate, the details of it will make you feel the remarkable process.



            Let the yellow color represent the cool autumn, like the color of the leaves,it brings a little cool, and also a little emotional appeal.The breath of autumn will permeate in the little thing in your life, don't you think it is a little romantic.And it also emphasize the theme of autumn with the yellow card board design.




            How come there are spring, summer, autumn but without winter? For those collector, it is essential! Lepusheng has all kinds of correction tapes in different themes for your collection.For more information about our correction tapes,you are welcome to pay close attention to Lepusheng stationery.    


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