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Lepusheng science: three stationery wholesale market in Shanghai

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-18


          As China's center of economy, transportation, science, technology, industry, finance, trade, exhibition and shipping.All kinds of business can have a good development in this city, stationery industry is no exception.There are many well-known stationery enterprises and stationery wholesale markets in Shanghai,Today, Lepusheng will introduce three stationery wholesale malls in Shanghai for you:



           Shanghai Xinghuzhong culture gift market


           Shanghai Xinghuzhong culture gift market is founded on September 11, 2007,officially opened on June 19, 2008, covers an area of 37 mu, the business area is more than 20000 square meters, is a very large and professional cultural gifts wholesale market in Shanghai. At present the top ten famous stationery brands in China such as: Chenguang,Yiergao, Lemei, Jinwannian, Shude, Parker, Casio, Qixin, Eagle,Deli have already all presence, more than 400 manufacturers and agents has been opened.The whole market has been in a good business situation.Xinghuzhong culture gift market has a spacious place, perfect supporting facilities, convenient online services, has had the latest demand for domestic and foreign response, including the  "chain service" function of product sales, brand value and exchange exhibition, business development.Xinghuzhong culture gift market is given priority to with domestic and international famous brands, to brand manufacturers and agents as the group, supplemented by relevant accessory products.To rent the shop, professional management team to operate marketization.


           Shanghai industrial products wholesale market


           Shanghai industrial products wholesale market is located in the north of suzhou building no. 988, one and the second floor of the  the market is more than 20000 square meters, has brought together hundreds of well-known manufacturers,agents and distributors in the stationery industry at home and abroad.Operating thousands of brands of office supplies, school supplies, computer supplies.Pen suppliers such as Pike, Hero,Zhonghua ,Lemei,Chenguang, The Duke.Paper suppliers such as Flagship, 3 M, Daboai;Document products such as Qixin,Yingbai,Zhaosheng,Yida. OA equipment supplies series such as Shule, Ricoh, panasonic and HP, Epson, Canon.It is one of the largest stationery wholesale, retail distribution center in east China, enjoy great popularity at home and abroad.


            Shanghai Fengze stationery wholesale market


           Shanghai Fengze stationery wholesale market is located in Shanghai luwan district XieTu road NO.315,it was set up for a long time, also very popular, but because of the planning it become more crowded in the market, the first floor is the student supplies wholesale, and the second floor is for the wholesale of small and medium culture  office equipment.


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