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Fashional Stationery "Challenge" The Traditional Stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-07


        Stationery industry is one of the most rapid development of light industry, with the rapid development in recent years, stationery industry got all kinds of changes.No matter  it is a marketing model change,the new stationery innovation , or the positioning of the enterprise development,it  has a certain change.


        A new trend: Creative stationery sell like hot cakes, traditional stationery is rare


       Emerge in endlessly of creative stationery is obvious, when visiting stationery market, it is easy to find eraser with banana shape, correction tape with  tennis racket shape or cylinder shape...Open the online stores, full screen of Japan and South Korea stationery, creative stationery also declared the mainstream trend of the market to consumers. But  unlike with creative stationery,the terse, traditional stationery products are rare in recent years, of course this is not to say that the concise stationery is not popular.While relatively speaking , fancy stationery are preferred by the consumers.


       New model: electrical business developed rapidly, the traditional wholesale become cold


      There are  two new  semesters  of the year, and  they are the best business time of the traditional stationery wholesale market . But it  did not bring the stationery business a  special income  in recent years.This is due to the less channels and the development of e-commerce, more and more consumers prefer to purchase  student stationery directly from the network .It also makes the stationery wholesale market more cold .This also reminds the stationery manufacturers to inject   electronic commerce  into the development of enterprise .


       New trends: stationery businessmen attach importance to brand building


      To face with the complex stationery market, when consumers choosing the  stationery,they always consider the economy and practicability , but more and more  prefer to the  brand products.The popular of high-end stationery does not mean that the public is increasingly advocating "luxury", because  most  of the high-end stationery price still within the scope of the consumers to accept, but for an increasingly saturated stationery industry, fierce competition and market exit mechanism is pushing  the stationery industry to the era of brand.And it can be seen that the stationery brand is valued from the weak export market.Most export stationery enterprises should shap the brand when developing "consumption" business.


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