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Key points of office stationery business : design skills in decorating

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         Shop decoration is particularly important for each office stationery shop owner.The stationery store always decorate a design of spatial pattern in complex and diverse styles, each operator can undertake choosing and designing according to their own actual need.Generally, stationery shops always determine the general planning when decorating a design , such as  and what proportion of the assistant space, customers  space  and commodity space, then divide the  area, and make changes,so that they can specifically display the products.



          Three space of stationery shop


          For a stationery store, there are all kinds of decoration designs, all these diverse  designs come from the change of three space, three spaces are closely related to the spatial pattern of shop decoration, they respectively are:


          The space of goods, space of goods is the place that goods on display, such as box type, platform type, frame type and so on, this space should be enough big and neat to better display products;Clerk space, refers to the space when assistants  receive customer and engaged in related work.There are two situations: one is confused with customer space, one is separating the space with customers.Customer space refers to the space for customer to visit, choose and buy goods, according to the different goods,it  can be divided into the store outside, store inside and combination of the two.


          Four kinds of forms of stationery shop


          Four designs of spatial pattern of stationery shop.According to the quantity, type, sales form, etc., we can combine the three spaces, so that it can be four kinds of spatial pattern of a monopoly store .Respectively is: contact type of shop, commodity space adjacent to the streets, customers can buy goods on the street, and the clerk service in the store,so that they can separate customer and the clerk through the commodity space  ;Closed type of shop, goods space, customers space and the assistant space are all  in the store, the commodity space to separate the customer and the clerk;Closed and around type of  shop, the three spaces are all inside the store, the customer can choose goods freely,actually it is self service.


          And of course there is a contact type shop that the clerk space is narrow , this type of spatial pattern, is a form of traditional shops, no activity space for customers , the customers should  contact with the shop assistant on the street , then choose and buy goods.It has three characteristics: one , the assistant space is narrow; second,  the customer area is outside the shop;three,the commodity space is in the store.To choose suitable decorations to highlight the characteristics of stationery products ,so as to attract more consumers.


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