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Stationery mnufacturing how to face the lossing export advantage?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-21

China is the first largest producer in the stationery,it also the biggest exporterer.There are 70% of stationery is made in the China.According to statistics,there are  thousands of stationery enterprise in China and more than 3 million staffs in this line.The annual output value is more than 1000,000 yuan.It is take 70% of the world output.For a long time,stationery manufacturing as a traditional advantage industry in China.It is play an important role in Chinese economy.

Although there are the traditional export advantage in the China stationery industry, And in the 10% ~ 30% growth by a year, but there are still many challenges in the current situation.

First of all, the higer and higer safety standards of stationery.The European and American countries have been the main stationery export for China stationery.The EU has improrted stationery in 40 billion to 60 billion.And more than 60% of stationery are come from China.China exported stationery are take accounted for about 35% of its total export amount.In 2011,The EU are  implement the new policy.There are the strict standards in the elements and allergic fragrances.And America lso make the most strict standards of lead standards.This two big market improve the safety standards will reject a lot of enterpries.

Secondly,the increasing production costs are reduce the profits of stationery industry.In recent years,stationery raw material are keep increasing.Additionlly, labor shortage also has affected the stationery industry.As the labor-intensive industry,stationery,Only to improve labor cost then to attract the people.With the improving of the stafety standards,enterprise should to add the quality contronl and the test certification.All of them are will compress the profits of stationery industry.

In addition, domestic stationery enterprises also needs to face the foreign competitor:one is the developing conuntris such as south east Asia countries.Though the export quotas, import license to set up the import barriers;One the other hand,use the intensive labor advantages to strive for the foreign order.

Chinese stationery will keep growing,but there are a lot of challenge.Domestic enterprises should look the challenges as opportunities.To strengthen the independent innovation.Use the international standards safety and the environmental products.Produce the high added stationery then to realize the stationery industry transformation and upgrading.

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