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The 2013 Xi'an international office supplies stationery printing consumables exhibition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-15

【Exhibition information 】

Exhibition Date: April,23th to 25th,2013
Add:China xi'an qujiang international exhibition center
The organizer: Shaanxi office supplies association 
Xi'an Juzhong advertising culture communication co., LTD
Support Media:"Discovered resources", "Office automation" magazine,HC office supplies,.qjy168.com,oacn.net,print-base.com and so on.
【Background information】
In the 21st century,the efficient office is important in the rapid developing society.The renew of the office supplies accelerated the rapid development of office equipment industry.Office informatization is the new direction and new trend of world.
The 2013 Xi'an international office supplies stationery printing consumables exhibition is co-sponsored by the Shaanxi office supplies association and Xi'an Juzhong advertising culture communication co., LTD.To set up the position i nthe Xi'an and  radiation western market.To take more market share and introducting office systerm.
【Exhibition range】
1.Stationery and office supplies:studnet stationery supplies,office stationery,modern office and teaching instruments and equipment,office supplies,computer and IT digital products.Paper and paper supplies, printing and packaging supplies, photographic equipment, measurement of surveying and mapping products, sports and fitness equipment, leisure supplies, stationery, gifts and gifts, travel supplies, art supplies, writing instruments and production equipment, accessories, office supplies, office furniture, office supplies,office daily groceries etc.
2.Digital office equipment supplies and general supplies:computer, printer, thermal transfer machines, copiers, fax machines, bar code equipment, machine, paper printers, glue machine, spray painting, photo machine, digital equipment, printer, printing machine, projector, camera, scanner, printer, printing, paper shredders, ink cartridges, drums, ribbon, carbon, carbon powder, ink, equipment and tools such as accessories, copy paper, printing paper, paper, color paper, thermal paper and other office printing paper, printing equipment and materials, technology, information ect.
3.Office automation system sharing software system: LIMS, ERP, CRM, SCM office application software, infrastructure software, enterprise management software, game software, smart card, touch screen, the E3 series software, VIP card, remote client, business express, collaborative office, IT, office network, computer system services, data processing, the installation of communication lines and equipment, enterprise planning, design, computer, software and auxiliary equipment, security system; Closed-circuit surveillance, digital video acquisition card, expansion of information, computer network, security monitoring system, UPS uninterruptible power supply, entrance guard control system, building intercom, public broadcasting, etc.
4.Modern technology equipment: projection, professional lighting audio, voting, voter, simultaneous interpretation system, multimedia, conference call, video conference equipment, liquid crystal display, stage lighting audio, digital equipment, intelligent conference equipment.
5.Data processing: call center call center system, telephone recording monitoring system equipment, automatic telephone voice notice, alarm systems, VOIP, wireless communications, gateway, IP telephone, intercom, cell phone conference, monitor screen, the customer management system, monitoring, attendance, voice communication products and equipment, etc.
6.composite exhibit: each related association, media organizations, such as economies advance office supplies stationery printing supplies industry development agencies in various fields ect.
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