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Resource competition in stationery sales

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-10-07
Facing the increasing of stationery competition.The rising cost of brand and channels construction make the cost of human resource also getting higher and higher.Rising costs also reduce the profits of enterprises.And take the products to the serious homogenity.It is made the sales of stationery suppliers into a trouble situation.
Lepusheng stationery (LPS )thinks that stationery proudction costs including the rent of plant,workers wages and raw material cost and so on.And the pressures of dealers is come from the store rent, staff salaries and operating expenses.It will cuase the rise price in products if one of them increase cost.But split the cost in rise price of stationery is obviously not be accepted by the consumers.So that the market will be more and more contraction, profits will be more and more weak.
According to understand, because the weak sales of stationery last years, almost all the stationery business have been take in the fris half of the years in April.They hope to get more customers resources as soon as possible.
And more and more shopping online also reflects how hard for the enterprises to do the  channel development.On the other hand, it also remind the insidr to changes the usiness idea, but how to change?
The expert thinks, stationery enterprises is the core of marketing drive;the core of marketing drive is the key of terminal; the key of terminal is the sales volume; and the key of sales volume is to creat the value for consumers.So, the consumer is the key point.Only to solve the problems of consumer that to gain the market.However,according to the analysis of consumer's position, the market competition brought more benefits and better services to consumers.
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