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Childrens' Day meets Dragon-boat Festival, the cultural office stationery around us

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-02


        The Lantern Festival and Valentine's Day meet together this year,while after four years,the  Children's Day meet the Dragon Boat Festival ,too. In this special day ,lots of stationery for children in stationery market comes to us .



         Every year when the children's day approached, the children's stationery market also present a tendency of increasing with the holiday approaching,in this day ,a lot of parents are planned in the purchase of cultural goods as gifts of children's day for their child, it is not only fit for the traditional culture but also can give the child a gift for Children's Day.And compare with the style and function of stationery products, what the   parents pay more attention to is the safety of children's stationery , so the brand stationery became their choice.


           Take cultural goods as a gift is the love of parents to the child.Sending a good book, giving a good pen, it means hoping their children have a healthy body and a comprehensive growth, this is a common consensus on the citizens.There are many stationery stores subsequently launched on parent-child discount package, colorful stationery products means a learning progress, so that will attract many consumers to buy.

           In addition to the discount, in order to attract more consumers, the stationery enterprise launch lots of creative stationery.Let's  think of it , is it easy to attract more children when giving them a creative student stationery?Lepusheng stationery have a few cartoon stationery products which can be used as a gift , details can click to view> > > Happy Children's Day ! Lepusheng will show you the loveliest correction tape!


           Apart from it above, some main children's education and training institutions also launch promotional activities, they have the "Childishness" theme, and launched the corresponding theme of creative office stationery, such as "childlike innocence, has nothing to do with the age", "have a childlike innocence in your pursuing way" and so on.


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