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Homogenous student stationery should be solved

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-11

    There are many stationery enterprises made the money through the electronic commerce.On the surface,student stationery with its low standard and easy to make money.But do it really?

    The rapid development of the expansion, except the profits,there are plenty of other problems such as more and more similar products,and the copy cat.

    The insiders believe that the there are simple reason to cause of homogeneity production in stationery market.The limited ability of the small independent brands in research and development. It only need to change the apprance of hot sell office stationery.Or to copy the stationery without brand .

    "This is the cuased by market.Consumers like somethings in better sell,it lead the copy in industry.It is undeniable that the serious homogeneity will affect the development of  brand."Mr.Guo,the general manager of Lepusheng stationery said.Homogeneity is the indisputable facts in the current compeitive stationery market.

    In the face of homogeneity, many stationery suppliers are actively looking for a solution. No change will be eliminated. The eliminated speen is so fact in this industry.There is not the survival space if lack of innovation.

    For stationery products, there are so much reason will cuase the product homogeneity.Lacking the design experience of domestic stationery.And the increasing advertising spend also take a part of investment which in the production design.

    Cost saving is one of the reasons, but on the other hand, the unpredictable market trades make stationery factories hard to do anything.They produced the product which sell well.The idea is right,but 80% of businessmen think so.

    Homogeneity is not limited to the product itself, it also similar on the terminal display and wesite.As we know,brand can bring the direct image to the customers.They need a comfortable and attractive image.

    Anyways, the biggest problems is lacking the brand awareness that caused such similar in products or consumer experience.The future of student stationery is different.So that how to bulid the unique stationery brand is a problems.

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