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Buying stationery online will become the main mode in industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-24

Several years ago,stationery shopping online is just a dream for most stationery manufacturer.It is impractical to sell the stationery through Internet.And it is difficult to judge whether good or bad in stationery quality through Internet.And who should do service after the transaction between stationery manufacturer and consumer.And the problems between the netword channel and the entity shop also a trouble for the stationer industry.

Nowadays,with the rapid development of technology and various industry chain,stationery shopping online may can be come ture.And it may become one of the main sale mode in industry.

First of all, the big channel extension invest is the "pain" for important market.

It is hard to make money in small shop or too less shop.And the dealers is more and more difficult to bear.What should we do?Sale online maybe can solve the such problem.

Secondly, The network also can solve the problem of sinking channel.It can be expand the dealer throught Internet,there is the business once have order.And it is not afraid of lack partner if do well in the profit distribution.The online sale  will become the mian sale mode in the industry.So that the manufacturer should put more long-term vision.

From the feedback of currecnt enterprise information,we can find there ar most of enterprises have got the benifit on the new sale mode.And the stationery brand which establishment of the online mall only for three objective:One is expand the sales channel then to increase the sales.Two,to reduce the cost and investment.Three,to reduce the other choice of competitor.

But,the online price is cerrtain in the low line,and there is the complicated operation for online sales.So that it would't be the mian sales mode at short time.

The low profit dicided the enterprise will develop in low cost.In this cause,group premise and online sales gradually popular and getted more and more attention in market.

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