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Rethinking :what would they do the for stationery manufacturer in changing marke

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-30

Order disorderly.As the low threshold into stationery industry,there are many enterprise and small enterprise in the line then caused confusion.Because the enterprise didn't have a clear develpment position.Small circulationl,China stationery manufacturing is basis on the light industry and developing.And its stationery wholesale market also the fastest and the most complete in the world.Undeniable,logistics has created a good sales enviroment for the stationery industry.

In the big change of environment,the enterprise leaders should establish  the competitiveness rethink concept.To summed the four steps for the Chinese private entrepreneurs.Such as do business in the cycle of buying and selling,credibility trade,do well in enterprise and systermatic.Therefore,most of relate keywork will enter into an enterprise like resources,manpower,tangible,intangible and organizational resources and so on.

The relationship of "dealers, stores and factories" is developing  with the philosophy of "harmonious development".Because stationery manufacturers should depend on the market expansion.And the market also needs supply from stationery factory.In this line,market expansion is widened the dealer development.At the same time,it also extended the service of brand manufacturer.It is provide the effective channel for brand and conusumer.

To ask each stationey enterprise,why don't we thinking our competitive can follow the industrial development or not when we complaining?What does the consumers needs?What is the key power for the competitiveness?Maybe there is only a answer,that is "service".

What are mainly appear for the service?It should be work together of three party.The selling market should build up the service through store managemeent,marketing and promotion of brand.The dealer has fully understand the connotation of the brand,to create the professional service and form the brand serivce team.Manufactures don't set up the shop for set up.It is improtant to establish the brand service base.Only work together can be a same common topic of  "dealers, stores and factories".

The essence of market is reality.Only the peple who has got the reality can get the opportunity in future.In the era of high threshold,a 3 to 5 years of development plannig is improtant.Here the 2013 years is coming.

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