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Brand building and the product innovation the are the weakness for the sationoery manufacturing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-11

For a long time,Chinese stationery manufacturing was worked for the "quantity ".And most of them were rely on the population advantage and OEM pattern.The stationery manufactures are  shortage of the consciousness to make a brand and product innovation.The transactions accounted  for only 8.5% of total $150 billion in domestic staionery and global stationery market's $200 billion in trade.


The low production cost and the high profit make the local scale of staionery manufacturing unceasingly expand and competition intensifies.At present,the competition of China's stationery manufacturing has been saturated such as paper, pens, document product ect.Copying resulting in severe homogenization in the office product market.


Due to the lack of development,product innovative and without own brand,Chinese stationery products always with low added value.Without the independent brand and technological innovation,stationery products quality is difficult to stability.Most of local office supplies have became the processing workshop for the oversea enterprise.Since last years,the debt crisis stepping made lots of stationery manufatures have transformed sale in domestic market.But at  that time,the compertition of the stationery industry has changed from the price to the to brand competition such as technology and management at home and abroad.


Many foreign brand made in China stationery still enjoy international brand value and sell well all over the world. These products may not have high tech production but the stationery brand has continuing appeal to the consumer.Domestic stationery industry has a complete industrial chain,strong innovation ability and excellent manufacturing,but subject to other various factors,China stationery enterprises difficult to develop their own independent brands.


Although the stationery is technical content is not high, introduction to easy, but stationery enterprise want to have long life must to the international high-end stationery towards the market, strengthen the stationery innovation and brand construction, is the real benefit to the enterprise long-term development road.


Although the threshold of staionery industry is low,staitonery enterprise want to continue operating and developmenting.Strengthe the stationery innovation and brand construction, is the best way to the enterprise long-term development.


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