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Buying carefully in the different correction tape brand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-13

After more than ten years of development, there has a lot of brands in stationery line,but it is not optimistic at present.Just like the correction products, there are so many different correction tape brand in market,So,what about the business of stationery factoies?

Category 1: first-line brand,this brand has a rong background and the research and development center for processing production.It has the completed management operation and the steady product qulity and service.It is a trusted consumer brand and also one of the popular brand for high-end consumers.

Category 2:Second line brand,this kind of brand always famous in coastal cities and have the so-called "Ten top brand"certificates.It has its own processing center so that can meet the orders demand,but there is a certain gap with first line in the management.And ti always takes a certain market share.

Category 3,Thirdly line brand,they have the own stationery factory but without research and development,and the process and management are in general.But it always has a advanteg on the price.
Category 4: Low-end brands,there is the small workshops but have the low prooduction and poor management.It is difficult to do well for this brand and has the lowes profit.They cut the quality in cost  that to make the biggest profits.

If there was the fierce compeitition for the corrcetion tape in leading cities.Nowadays,the competition of correction tape line is "bloody" in the leading cities.And the other industry flock into.In nearly two years,there are not the big change in industry .But the enterprise which into stationery industry behind will bring the more bad competition after finish the trying and completing the management and marketing and the branding construction in next two or three years.

As the best selling correction tape,Lepusheng No.965 correction roller has the high reputation in quality.But there were some illegal businessmen made a variety of imitation and copy.So that,facing variour kinds of correction tape brand,consumers should pay more attention to the trademark of "LPS" and beware of counterfeit.

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