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Represented excellence emerging stationery brand become the fresh industrial group

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-16

According to the customs statistics,in 2012,the total culture and edcation sporting supplies is about 25.244 billion in more than 244 countries and regions.It was rose by 6.65% by last years.In the domestic stationery sales market,a new brand are growing from the quantity to the quality and keep the rapid developing.It is expected become the main group of stationery industry.

it is easy to find that in the stationery wholesale market,besiders the well-known brand,some emerging brand of stationery from the small and medium enterprise has gone into the consumer's perspective.THe relevant data shows that in recent years,some enterprise which have the strong  marketing network and brand operation are keep the growing during the industries problems.They enjoy the good reputation in industry.

They between the middle of high and low,and suspended in mid air.But they make the clean in the market and have became the favor of consumers.Different from the leading brand in domestic,the new brand stationery manufacturers are desing in personalised,reasonable price and keep the high quality.

The sales of such brand,profits and the channels are increasing.And with the good development in whole industry.Now,there are no more brand for choose in shore and with the high price.And the such emerging stationery brand with the fashionable design,it is as well as the traditional stationery brand.On the other hand,with the improvement of consumers demand,the professional office supplie marke also will pay more attention to the brand and product's quality,so that this kind of brand will be more and more popular.

There are many advantage of emerging brand such as more close to consumers and the market popular,with the fast response and so on.The new brand face the text of the innovation design and the positioning accuracy.Only to keep the the improving in the product and the disging innovation,build the core competition then to do well in the branding construction.

The insider said that focusing on the brand construction and the product innovation will be the reserve power in the future domestic stationery develpment.And most of reserve power are come from small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry.From the OEM production to the domestic market.There are less small and medium-sizde enterprises turn into the do the own brand.From the feedback from market,there is the broad market of the  original design.

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