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Stationery enterprises need to integrate to cater to the market demand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-18


           In recent years,stationery industry develops rapidly, but also exist some problems in the rapid development.The homogeneity stationery products is bad for the overall development of stationery market.To break the deadlock,manufacturers need to meet the demand of market , to have integration of resources.



          The demand levels is still multiple


          For the view that stationery industry faces with the differentiation, many companies say, demands of stationery market is still multiple.Such obvious differentiation is not so easy to form, the whole of China also has a lot of demand for stationery level, there is still a lot of space for different quality of stationery,so it is not so fast to form the situation of monopoly .


          The threshold of the stationery industry is not very high, is not an obvious of the product differentiation.Due to the particularity of stationery industry and stationery product, the product differentiation and the personalized won't appear too obvious.This is also one of the reasons that the copies exist.


          Stationery industry has a new division of labor and integration


          As consumer pursuit of brand stationery, more and more stationery manufacturers are no longer blindly sell cheap products, to attach importance to brand shaping, build of the product.This causes the manufacturers which developped too late being phased out.However, with the increase of the demand of the market for stationery products, or there will not be eliminated in the future, but the integration of resources.As the division and integration of the  industry, some unlicensed production factory can only responsible for production, stick a card for other enterprises.


          OEM is not strange to many small and medium stationery enterprises, many factories are OEM for overseas brands.In the bad environment of foreign trade today, to expand the domestic market also is not easy for them, so to be OEM for other big factory also can yet be regarded as a development road.


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