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Great significance for enterprise to grab stationery gift market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-27

Take a see to the current stationery market,stationery gifts is the most popular field in the line.Stationery gifts includeing promotional gifts,festival gifts,high-end business gifts and so on.There are the huge market demand in the stationery gift market.What about the supply for the such huge demand?


As we have learned, There is the starting for the current China high-end gifts stationery market.Unlike the normal  fix positioning of the stationery market.High-end gift stationery market has a braod market.It is a good opportunity enter into this market.


At present, there are still lack of the special selling point in the first and second brand stationery enterprises.Some of them have the special selling point in the model and technical structures,but they can't form the concept of gift.Some products of large enterprises are low then the unknown enterprises.Gift stationery hs its uniqueness.Although the production hardware is play a important role such as capital investment,plant area, mechanical equipment and so on.It isn't a decisive role.


Take a see to the cost and profit,there are two ways to the enterprises to make money.One is "Low price marketing",reduce the cost,and attract the consumers by low price.As the modern marketing master said that "Loyalty can be buy for a penny ".And the other way is "High price marketing":production in the solid and quantity,build brand in the different and high value.To meet the cousumer requie by product's value and attract the cousumer by the brand added value.


Because of the direct competition effect in the price.Most of stationery manufacturers are reduce the price then to competition.It was made the competition completely homogenization and caused the price war.


For the stationery companies with innovation ability and production strength,to grab the gitf stationery market is realiza the practical significance,and also has a important meaning.


From the point of view practical,there is over 20 years development for the stationery industry.The common product in the low technology and serious homogeneity.The trasparent price and the small profit for the manufacturers, distributors.All of them impact the market further expand.Only to develop the high-end product can reshape the price system,then take more profit.


To view in the startegic,many manufacturers want to gain more production line to meet the demand of conusumer.It also can responding to the competitor.Different enterprise brand in a market,there are only a few product can really become the marketable products.When the brand be accepted by comsumers,continuously to improve product line and meet the consumers' demand in different class.


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