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The 7th Tianjian stationery and office supplies international exhibiton

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【Exhibition information 】

Exhibition Date: Nov.8th to 11th,2013
Add:Tianjian international exhibition center(No.32 Youyi road,Hexidistrict,Tianjian)
Industry:office supplies
The organizer: Bowei exhibition Co.,Ltd


Tianjian stationery and office supplies international exhibiton

【Background information】

The 7th Tianjian international exhibition of stationery and office supplies is a leading fair in North China.It has successfully held with 6 sessions.It was attracted more than 680 exhibitors from around the world with  30000 square meters.It has became one of worth office supplies fair for Chinese stationery manufacturer.

【Exhibition range】

1, Office stationery

Pen-ball-point pen, gel pen, fluorescent pen, pen, pencil, brush pen, whiteboard pen, marker, felt pen, crayon, ink, etc.
Notebook-notebook, exercise book, note pads,letterhead, address book, universal handbooks, binding, delicate, binder, etc.
Office supplies-stapler, nail machine, punching machine, paper cutting knives, scissors, pen knife, pencil sharpener, correction tape, pen holder, pen bag, ruler, etc.
Accounting supplies-books, books vouchers statements, inkpad, ink filters, stamp pad, seals, carbon paper, calculator, paper clips, binding supplies such as file management, folder, file cover, organ bags, MingPianCe, bookends, ratten, filing cabinets, file bar, function of cabinet, safe, etc.

2, office equipment

Print-printer, copier, scanner, all-in-one, printing, label printers, bar code printers, paper printers, etc.
Management-attendance machine, shredder, binding machine, laminate machine, POS machine, paper, management software, access control security systems, office drinking water, etc.

3, office supplies

Office paper-copy paper, printing paper, fax paper, paper, engineering paper, drawing paper, etc.
Office supplies-stitching needle, correction fluid, tape, glue, tape, rubber, pins and needles, clip, tag, sticker, etc.
Printing consumables-drum unit, ink cartridges, even for, ribbon, ink, toner, carbon belt, etc.

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