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Analysis current stationery industry:popular product getting mature obviously

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-19

Stationery market has got into the mature stage,the industry production capacity is more than the demand.So that the promotion competition and price competition were increasingly fierce.The trendency of public product is obvious.operating losses is the "potluck" for the stationery dealer.


Why do we say that?First of all,there is lack of  industrial chain in supply.Such as custom office supplies and needs stable growth in demand.However,stationery industry history is short,the prodcution process is in the standardization,low automation degree and complex production management.And it could't control the balance in the  inventory and supply.It may result in supply shortages.Secondly,the cost-effective of product with brand in two or three city is rapidly weakened.Unless it was a strong leadership brand,otherwise,manufacturer should do it no matter the different product or the sepcial product.


Lepusheng stationery thinks that: stationery industry is no longer suitable for extensive expansion or extensive management.The Matthew effect was apparented and the profitability down in the single category business as followers:


1.There are most of excellent stationery manufacturers in the different kind of office supplies.But the brand concentration is low.There are a strong opponent but lack of leading brand.The "Matthew effect" was worked.And the brand concentration has been increase.


2.The downside of leading brand and the high-end brand were clear.The price war of public product and the sales promotion were toughed."Can't sell without promote","small profit " are the general  phenomenon of industry.The development space is shrinking for those lack of innovation or characteristic enterprise.


3.The competition of circulation field resources(stores,advertising manpower etc.) are rising.The extended investment return period as well as risk.The profitability down in the single category business.


4.There are lack of innovation consciousness and innovation ability.Main copetition still depend on coping and price.The small and medium-sized enterprise,which has the innovation and special advantage, also has a good development space.


5.There is lack of the corporatization, standardization in management.And has the big potential to improved the sales depends on the management system and copetition system.


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