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What kinds of problem in the stationey industry?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-02

Looking back over the past year, China stationery industry was in an unprecedented crisis.The weakness terminal makerting,closed factory and dealer weredeep hited the industry's confidence.Stationery industry has over about ten years of rapid development.But make it can't stop the steps to judgment.There are so many problems when faced.The embodied in the following aspects:

1.The talent

There is need a large number of outstanding talents from the upstream stationery products research and development to the terminal product sell.There are less enterprise with truly independent research and development.Most of them are copy or improved the product in the current market.They lack of the consciousness to provide the training for technical personnel.So that there are so many homogeneity stationery in the market.On the side of management,stationery industry still in the extensive management ,lacking manage personnel.

2.The relationship

Manufacturers are too depenent on exhibition and the quick buck market development is not the deep coperation in market.Because of information opacity,there is lack of understanding between manufacturers.It caused they always in the short cooperation.The purpose to open shop will cause the stationery factory to meet its and developing in the adverse situation.

3.Lack of quality innovation

The whole industry still development by dealer.But there is very limited increase in the number of dealers and the new dealers are lack of market experience,they always disappear in any trouble.To develop the dealer in endless will increas the operation cost for office suppliers.And the lacking service and training made some of dealer was forced to get out.How to concentrate manpower and lead the brand dealers to bigger and stonger?And to make the stable relationship with stationery manufacturer and long-term cooperative partnership with customers.Than to achieve the win to win cooperation and reduct the marketing cost through the service.


Nowadays,there are more and more similar product in the market and the price competition intensified.Whether the product service or promotion are in the serious homogenization tendency.The homogenization competition not only waste resources but also kill the vitality and vigor for the enterprise.All of problems are the outbreak of the disease.So that the stationery enterprises should take the initiative to adjust.And don't leave the problem too late to solve.

Stationery enterprise must pay more attention to the product innovation than to fine the difference demand.It may recover for stationery in 2013. But shuffle continues.The strength enterprise will depends itself to leave or develop.

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