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Key to control the stationery cost

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-13

    July and August are the peak season in stationery industry, stationery price will rise in those season.But from the trend seems rising cost make raw materials enterprises feel more pressure.

    Cost pressures have always been the topice to the stationery suppliers.The price of student stationery is affects the operation of enterprises, and the rising cost of raw materials is the important point in the whole cost including workforce, logistics,taxes.There are many stationery factories siad that the price of raw materials is rising everyday.The changing price has made the stationery manufacturers under large pressure.

    Under the stationery industry,there are much problems in the proudction.Under the influence of raw material rises in price, the standard of stationery enterprises has be improved, small andmedium-sized enterprises also confronted with the threat of closure.

    "Weak market demand - pressure in stationery inventory - rush to change into cash - cause the price competition - rising raw materials - hard to make money for stationery supplies".This is a vicious circle, the rise cost play a improtant role in developing trouble.

It is an objective reality for the rising cost of an enterprise, and hard be changed.They only can do more work to change the profitability of the enterprise.

    Most of enterprise with the rational attitude on the rise cost.The insiders thinks that the control of enterprise cost is very important, but the impact of big enterprise should be small.
    Although all kinds of hard cost is rising,some of them is keep the developing, and the well-known stationery brands still take much market share.Lepusheng stationery keep the creative developing and the unique design in the competition market.

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