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Office stationery also insteresting as long as creative

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-06

In recent years, there are more and more Japan and Korea style stationery,fashionable stationery are sell well in the superior workmanship,environmental protection material and interesting model.It has a lot of fans in student and welcomed by office worker as well.Nowadays,simple and clear is not enough for the office stationery.The  novel  appearance and coloful product can bring the lively to the boring office.So what kind of stationery will be welcomed in the office?

1.Useful office stationery

With the heavy pressure coming for the young white-collars.The financial tool also arises at the historic moment for the "moonlight clan".The financial tool not only useful but also in the fine workmanship.Some financial stationery design is very close,such as the board which can be  fixed in the freezer for record.It has a piece of white board, a pen and 10 small mangnet.You can make a note when you go to supermarket or shopping malls.

2.Office stationery for reduced pressure

The life pressure is increasing in big city.The white-collar all want create a comfortable,joy and steady upward working environment in each room and product.The stationery manufacturers always do they best for it.They inject more creative ideas such as the shooting trash can,the file packet which look like the windonw's file.

3.Science and technology office stationery

Small stationery also have high technology.The erase work for the magazine printing;the ball pen cab be clear by erase,the pen writing with fragrance smell and the stapler can work without staple and so on.I t seemed inconceivable,but nowadays,it can be done.For the office worker,high-tech stationery products not only can reveal identity,but also can improve the office efficiency.That is why science and technology stationery would be welcomed.

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