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Stationery manufactures have to save themselves in the declining order

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-06

Nowadays,stationery exporting is more severe than last year and reducing.Recently learned that stationery exporting enterprise have been in trouble,especially samll and medium-sized export enteprises.And it have been widespread appeared lack of order as the high material costs and orders outflow.

The pressure come from the high cost of material.At present,the declining nternational raw material price make the large gaps with domestic market.It has reduced the international competitiveness of domestic stationery industry.Besides the gap between the raw meterial price, the weakening stationery manufacturing  also the assignable cause the stationery exporting declined.Especially as the reising production costs and the processing order continually transfer to the neighboring countries such as India,Vietnam,Cambodia and so on.Chinese competitive advantage is getting weakness.

Therefore, stationery manufacturers hope that the country will issued more support policy of industry.To reduce the capital chain risk of stationery enterprise.At the same time,the stationery should improve the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain.To stength the core competitiveness and the ability to resist crises.

By general consent,it is easy to see the upstream and downstream enterprises to form a strategic.But at preset,the common strategic alliance can attracte the strong enterprise or the design school.Than to combining beweet the reasearch production.And it also do with the downsteam enterprises.Research and development of new products collectively can shorten the product development cycle,to improve the marketing information feedback,add the new value and guide the market demand and consumption.

At the present trouble siuation,the enterprise should to develop the personalized and differentiated services to meet the diversified market demand.To avoid the fierce competition with the same product.There have been a different degree of reduction of the exporting enteprises.Known from the website reports,there is reducte by 50% of exporting order. It make the enterprise in the trouble.

It is no realistis to fully turn the exporting enterprise to seles in home market.It needs long time and more finacial resources to make the branding constrction in domestic market.It was not builed in a day.And should to make the  fully analyze and research of marketing information.It may not to pursuit the highest or best,but adaptation obviously.

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