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The ways to solve the popular stationery inventory

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-31


Do the stationery business, everyone don't want to backlog of goods,especially for many small business stationery shop.The backlog of goods is equal to chronic suicide, it will cause business over while in the problems of funds liquidity.Although shopping online is very popular in current market and backlog is inevitable,so that it is necessary to find the way to reduce the backlog goods.
To reduce the backlog of stationery supplies should both from the purchase and sale of two ways as follows:
1.Reduce the quantity of stock and frequently purchase
Reduce the quantity of stock will reduce the risk of dead stock.But it is does not mean that every kinds of stationery type should be reduction.It is to reduce some poor sales stationery.So that the stationery shopkeeper must have their own judgment.Reduce the purchase poor sales products is also reduce the risk of dead stock.But it is necessary to purchase frequently because the popular stationery would be out of stock according the above purchase.
2.Control the products quality and popular trends
It can't make the online shop as a way to solve the dead stock.It is necessary to control the quality of student stationery,the good quality will bring the better sales.In addition, it need to know what popular in current market.
3.To sales the dead stock in the way of promotion
Promotion is the common way of stationery online shop.But it is a useful way to solve the inventory.And don't send free but with lower price for inventory.This way will take a little part of cost.
4.Do promotion of dead stock
May be there is no one to care about your inventory in your online shop.But why don't you let it work for you,as a gifts for online shop promotion.
Every stationery shop should to make the healthy development and long time profits as the ultimate goal.That to reduct the quality of the innventory.
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