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New positioning of stationery enterprises for younger consumers

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-05


       As is known to all,stationery products is mainly used in the two occasions of office and study .When the group of "after 90"  step into the workplace , the young white-collar workers' consumption demand  of stationery products  is changed to be  more young, let alone the students after 95.In order to adapt to the trend of this development, to build up some school things for the young man become the new trend of stationery manufacturers.


      Facing the main force of young consumers of the group" after 80 and 90" .Stationery enterprises who want to attract their attention must study their psychological characteristics, know well of  their consumption habits, and achieve the target.It seems simple , but not easy to do.The  younger generation of consumers are full of personality, don't like the traditional, conservative, and also don't like the set thinking, they want to be different.Graspping  the psychology of  the young consumers, and create more creative stationery,so that can make their products more fashionable, younger and personalized ,then will  attract more young consumers.


       To create the office stationery that belong to after 80, 90 , Stationery manufacturer not only need to do a good job of market research at the beginning of development, so that can adjust enterprise's  direction of development  according to the requirements and changes of the market .Do market segmentation, at the same time, targeted  the development of products,having  a clear product positioning, setting up  the characteristics of enterprise products, and plunder the power with destination , so that we can expand the channels, heighten the brand awareness.The change of the market including the popular style which favored by many youngsters, and build their distinctive products.To create characteristic products, creativity is the key,so stationery manufacturer need to continue to explore and  to learn  in the production practice .


        In recent years, it is easy to sums up the latest features of the product in the creative stationery,the creative design of  stationery products must be on the models ,the development of  function , and the manufacturing material and so on.Stationery manufacturer who want to seize the eyeball of young consumers , should not only be promoted development in this a few parts, but also in the innovation of  marketing mode  at the same time  to attract more customers.


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