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Lepusheng pay enlist for you : business strategy of stationery shop

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-30


        To operate a stationery shop, orientation is the most important .And it is also important to decide to  operate office supplies or stationery products.They  essentially have a certain difference.
        If take office supplies as the center, we must get ready to sell office use like equipment and consumables ,so that  the location of the shop should be in a centralized place of  company or business institutions .Many companies have attached great importance to rational use of office supplies, it will also affect the sales of office supplies.For example,  in order to improve the efficiency of office, , there are strict rules and detailed the use of consumables in some companies, in addition, the copy machine and computers is also very common.And iron office supplies is focus on its economy and durability.When operating the office supplies, in order to meet the demand of the market, we should  accurately grasp the consumption trend of office supplies recently, so that it can be easy to find our target, and timely adjust their business policy and strategy.


       If take student stationery as the center, marketing atmosphere will be more wide.Because not any of the students dont's use  a ball-point pen,neutral pen, and other stationery in classroom or office space .But  near a school there may have one or two stationery shops,stationery stores often have to prepared to meet the fierce competition.So detailed investigation, and carefully specify their business strategy is necessary .


       In addition, no matter what type of business is , the location is important, such as office supplies business, the range is limited to transactional sites or office space concentrated place, many stores also adopted the form of company organization ,as they use  products such as books very much, if in the bustling commercial street, to  incorporate these shops in your scope of business,there must be  a lot of potential.If it is a pure office stationery shop, then must take school or the family as the main object, and open a shop near the school and residents.


       It is important to consider  the seasonal consumption of school stationery when purchasing.Once there is  new semester , species of goods must be very plentiful .Also, we should contact actively with  the school, company and stores to  promote new products, strive for the order.


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