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Stationery manufacturers should be base on the brand to operation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-08

It is easy to find that the competition of stationery industry is becoming more and more intensified.The  meager profit age is coming.After market reorganization.And the strong business competition will be continue and the profit should getting lower and lower.


In the meager profit age,face to growing competition,if stationery enterprises want to achieve success in the staionerey market.Base on the brand and take a good way.Lepusheng saionery (www.lepusheng.com.cn) has some opinions as follows:


First of all,there is the well-worn proble:brand building.Most of small and medium-sized enterprise is difficult to set up.They are appointed brand and make the OEM production,but this kind of enterpriseds may be eliminated.At the end,there are will leave most  strong and has better buliding enterprise.In fact, the development of own brand is a big direction for the stationery manufacturer. For the long term,we should be base on the brand and put OEM production into ODM production.Gradually enter the market and make some high profit link like brand operation.


Secondly,to bulid solid indutrial chain.Stationery enterprises need to cultivate supply chain with the office suppliers.To compressed the funds and improve product's pass percent.Accelerate the capital turnover speed so that ensure the suitable profit space.


Thirdly,to extend the diversification market.Guide and encourage the strong stationery manufacturers to establish a "China stationery industrial park" or "Production and processing factory" in oversea like South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, South Asia or other regions.To allocation the international resources and extend the diversification market.


Finally, the promotion need to establish a service platform of industry.The serveice platform is work for small enterprises which has weakness of the industry's innovation and prouduct development.To provide the innovation service to the enterprise,improve the innovation and the technology,management.increase the export products.


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