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Taking about the reason of poor stationery brand construction at home

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-03

Brand has been a been a self-evident value for the enterprise.Although there are some good brand with the high reputation in the stationery industry,the brand popularity in consumer is too low to influence they choose.The number of brand too less to the scale of indsutry,There are some reason cause the poor brand construction in domestic as follows:

First,low concentration in stationery enterprise

The top ten enterprise's annual sales amount is less than 10% of the total market in domestic stationery industry.The fierce price competition made the low concentration in stationery manufacturers.And there is none of leading enterprise in the such fierce competition,the profit is getting lower.A lot of small and medium-sized enterprise are busy with living and ignore their brand construction.

Second,lack of brand awareness

The role of brand has become more valuable,it is the winning or losing chips in the market competition.Although there are more and more enterprises are aware of the  brands is improtant,there is still have more enterprise choose to competition in low price.They could't conform to the market demand timely and lack of the brand awareness for the brand construction.

Third,OEM production

With the gradually recovery in 2010,the total  exporting value has reached $44.935 billion,the growth rate is about 22.9%.It is the highest history since 1995.However,as the superpowers stationery production country,we lacked of a few sell well stationery brand.The main reason in the domestic production is we do lots of OEM production and ignore the domestic market development and brand construction.Resulting in without any big add value brand over the years.

Fourth,enterprise subjective opinions

There are some enterprises think that stationery is a low-valued consumables for consumers. And the consumers will not care the brand so that thery ignored the stationery brand value.However,Rome wasn’t built in a day,brand construction as well.Most of stationery enterprises have the fickleness for the brand construction.

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