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China stationery industry to low carbonization transformation is urgently needed

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-06

As many people know ,Stationery materials are mainly with plastics,timber, metal and so on.But from the point of view  of environmental protection we may see the disfigurement .For example, the wooden stationery like pencils inevitably would  waste the forest resource when they are first in making,and then again to cause the sweeps and add coatings in processing .


Renewable resources will be the big trend in future because of its decrease. Dwindling Resources has given the Warning Sign to pepole all around the world . Therefore, the environmental stationery should be produced by low energy consumption and  low resources raw material , processing technology does not produce pollutants, using chemical products less as far as possible and easy to process after using.


As the general rule, china stationery especially as neutral pen, notebook most students could can keep 2 months of use time. After thouse time ,stationery products will become a waste ,it  will cause the waste of  resource and indirectly cause pollution to the environment .China stationery industry to low carbonization transformation is urgently needed.


Environmental stationery industry belongs to high quality high technology and  industry development standard , especially in the environmental protection level standard, each index is very strict with standard. While China stationery industry belongs to the labor-intensive industries, it causes low quality , low technology, high loss and high pollution during manufacturing process .At present, china stationery often encountering environment trade barriers from the developed countries such as  European Union and  the United States . It has the phenomenon such as recall, and return,which badly influence domestic market sometimes .


China is the largest exporter of stationery supplies and its exports account for 60 percent of all over the world.
Environmental Protection  of stationery has been improved gradually in this field, but most of factories are relatively passive because they only produce OEM
goods. China factories has been required demandingly more than before ,such as stringent environment protection, excellent quality , and low price.Most of factories are in a very difficult position inevitably.


Although most factories aware that environmental protection become a big development trend and start R & D, it is a new field in china and demands for professional designers who are familar with related fields.Therefore,the this kind of designers is seriously lacked of now .


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