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Stationery industry enter into green economy in 2014

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-12-09


In recent years, as the upgrading of the stationery prdoucts demand.The requierment from the function to the green environmental protection.There are not the best but the more better in standard of office supplies.Especially at present,there are the higher requiest for the stationery production.
Green economy has become a global development direction and the main consuption mode.It would become the new model in China stationery.The green development of stationery is not only the guarantee fro the people's health but also the keep the low carbon environmental protection in the R&D,design,supply,production and logistics.Now,most of enterprise only take the "green" clothes but not take the real green environmental protection.
Nowadays, there are more and more consumers pay attention to the healthy environmental protection .According to incomplete statistics, 70% of consumers are more willing to pay for a high price but green products instread of a low price with damages health.Especially for the parents who borned after 1970 or 1980.They pay more attention tothe quality of stationery.
With the deepening of China's economic structure adjustment, stationery manufacturing must follow the policy.It is not only the requirement of industry but also conforms to the trend of market.Most of stationery interested in increase the technical equipment which energy conservation and emission reduction.But  lacking of money.So money is the key before develop green production.
Experts said that this already in stationery industry reshuffle, businesses have to carry on the transformation and upgrading then not be eliminated.Energy conservation and environmental protection is the big 
breakthrough to meet the policy.It is need the stationery enterprises to do the transformation plan sowly and steady.
The concept of low carbon environmental protection gradually recognized and accepted by people, so that green production has become the main point in office supplies.It will inevitably bring a new direction and opportunities. for the development of stationery industry.
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